April 13, 2021

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Jaipur Vyapar Mandal (JVM) Announces Campaign to Boycott Chinese Products

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Corona, lockdown, unemployment, shattered economy of the world, deceive, betrayal and destroying every country’s industries by providing cheaper products, creating trouble at borders with all its neighbour, and so with India.

Riding on Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ‘vocal for local’ comment, the Jaipur Vyapar Mandal (JVM), today announced a national campaign to boycott Chinese products.

JVM president, Lalit Singh Sanchora, JVM patrons Ravi Nayyar, Pawan Goyal, Birendra Singh Raghav (Treasurer), Bhanwar Singh Shekhawat (vice-president, JVM) alleged that China has been “India’s Antagonist” and said the organization has been “continuously campaigning from time to time” for the boycott of Chinese.

Jaipur Vyapar Mandal (JVM) destroying the Chinese products.

JVM president, Sanchora said that “India is most troubled by China. These Chinese can never be relied upon and the whole world knows that. Then why we are purchasing Chinese products. Don’t we know what is the Chinese plan to control the whole world by destroying their industries.”

Sanchora said, “To achieve this goal, JVM has prepared a comprehensive list of about 3000 products imported from China for which Indian substitutes and alternatives are easily available and customers of India will also not mind because all those things are already being manufactured in India,”

According to JVM, “importing goods of approx 76 billion US dollar value we are helping China to build up its arms ammunition that will be used against the soldier of our nation. It is well known that China is helping Pakistan to promote terrorism in India.”

“So what we should do? simply boycott all Chinese product. As a citizen of India, we do have some responsibility towards our Nation and as a president of Jaipur Vyapar Mandal (a union of approx hundred Vyapar Mandal of Jaipur), I have to take initiative in that. Our Vyapar Mandal members have taken an oath not to sell or purchase Chinese product. But without providing the alternatives products to our Vyaparis and Consumers our mission will be incomplete.” said Sanchora.

Sanchora referred our Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi’s speech on Atmanirbhar Bharat, a few days back, which emphasized on five pillars on which the government will focus to develop the MSME. For this purpose, the Indian government had announced the package of 20 lakh crore.

He further added, “Among those five pillars, two most important pillars as per our view are Infrastructure and System Development. We really need to focus on these two pillars, to begin with, if we really want to replace the Chinese products in India by our own local companies.”

Jaipur Vyapar Mandal (JVM) members thoughts and vision to boycott Chinese products

“On part of our Vyapar Mandal, we demand the Government of India to improve the infrastructure as fast as possible.”

Sanchora said, “Unemployment can easily be taken care of, if we focus on Aatmanirbhar Bharat, make in India and boycott China. Importers instead of earning easy money they can focus on bringing technology and new industries in India. We can only rely on our own people.”

“It was our corner Kirana shop in the colony which help the population of India to get grocery peacefully without any Hustle bustle Halla Gulla, just as what happened in America where people queued up for 1 KM to get the grocery. All big online supplier and big chain of mall failed and our local Kirana and local supplier won the COVID-19 battle for our people,” said Sanchora.