September 24, 2021

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Google just unveiled some insane new technology

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These new devices make Google Glass look like a DVD player.

Google’s newest gadgets are bringing science fiction to real life.

The tech giant’s lab for advanced projects unveiled some of its hottest new innovations last Friday, which included finger control technology and a pair of smart jeans. As with all things Google, they proved extremely impressive.

We’ll start off with the finger control technology. Dubbed Project Soli, the gadget takes the form of a radar that can detect precise hand movements and translate them into commands.

In other words, it’s just like touch screen technology, only it doesn’t require the screen. During a showcase, Google presenters were able to kick a virtual soccer ball by flicking their fingers or shift the hours on a clock by turning an imaginary dial.


It actually functions a lot like the holograms in Tony Stark’s lab:

Iron Man

As for Google’s smart jeans, they’re about to blow your socks off. The company partnered with Levis and found a way to engineer conductive cloth that it says is “indistinguishable” from regular fabrics, and can be controlled by a chip the size of a button.

That means Google can turn your pants or other clothing items into a touchpad.

Strangely, Google doesn’t really have many ideas for this new technology. The company is calling it a “blank canvas” for designers and developers, so it looks like the innovation will be up to third parties.

The search engine giant is simply trying to perfect the art of marrying technology with clothing in a seamless way. You can check out the new jeans, codenamed Project Jacquard below: