September 24, 2021

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Goddess Parvati cursed Lord Shiva for tricking her in ‘Chaucer’

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The month of Sawan is dear to Lord Shiva. You all must have heard many things about Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati’, which are heard in the Puranas.

You also must have heard stories about Lord Shiva’s anger, but today we are going to tell you the story of Goddess Parvati’s anger which Mahadev had to face.

Once Lord Shiva offered Goddess Parvati to play gambling (Chaucer) with him. In this game, Lord Shiva lost everything to Parvati.

After losing everything, Lord Shiva went on the banks of the Ganges wearing a robe of leaves. Seeing this, Parvati became very worried and told the whole thing to Lord Ganesha. Seeing his mother’s concern, Ganesha rushed to Mahadev to gamble himself.

Lord Ganesha, loses everything. When Ganesha reaches his mother with this news, Parvati says that Shiva should have returned with him. Ganesha once again sets out in search of Shiva.

Annoyed with Parvati, Shiva refuses to return. Lord Vishnu takes the form of dice according to the wish of Shiva. He tells Ganesha that if Parvati again agrees to gamble with him, then he is ready to go home with him. Parvati starts laughing at his proposal and says that what is left of him to gamble now.

Now Shiva started winning. Ganesha came to know of the tricks of this game and tells all things to Parvati. Goddess Parvati gets angry with this trick of Lord Shiva.

In anger, she curses Shiva. She says that the entire burden of the Ganges stream will always be on his forehead. Parvati angrily curses Narada of always travelling and not staying in one place.

She curses Ravana, a devotee of Lord Shiva will be the biggest enemy of Lord Vishnu and the destruction of Ravana will take place at the hands of Shri Vishnu.