September 24, 2021

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Musafir x Wanderer – An amazing travellers song

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The official music video of Musafir x Wanderer: A bilingual (Hindi + English) travel song for travellers and by travellers.

Musafir x Wanderer is a song that takes a peek into the mind of a traveller. It was inspired by the people we met during our travels and shows.

While conversing with people who’ve been full-time travellers, we heard their stories about how they feel outcasted from society as people often tell them to “Go get a real job!”. That’s when the hook line came up, “मुसाफिर हूँ मैं काफिर नहीं“.

While travelling, our minds are free from all the “how” and “why” questions and we get a taste of what people call as “being present”. We become more observant, more sensitive and our true inner nature flourishes effortlessly. The songs capture these emotions in a traveller’s journey.

The song is written in both Hindi as well as in English and this is a result of the individual styles that each of the 2 artists have brought on to the palette. In addition to lyrics, the music is also ana amalgamation of the 2 artists in an attempt to fuse Indian indie-folk with Western elements. This is most evident with the presence of the flute with an electric guitar.

The music video for the song is an animated storyline that artistically captures the traveller’s journey throughout his travels. Scenes include biking, camping, stargazing, stopping for chai and many more relatable moments that travellers experience in India.

All efforts towards this song were achieved via a crowdfunding campaign where we garnered an amount of INR 25,000 within 5 hours of the launch of the campaign.

About The Artists

Yugm, is an independent folk-fusion band kick-started in Jaipur and now based out of Mumbai. Over the last 4 years, we have performed at a variety of festivals & events, with over 450 plus performances under our belt.

Yugm has grown from a small folk band to a major social influence among the youth, with songs addressing social & many different issues.

Notable Performances: 7 TEDx events, Salt Fest (opened for the Indian Ocean), Oasis by Vajor(opened for When Chai Met Toast), Rann Utsav, Jaipur Lit Fest, Pushkar Mela, Camel Festival and many more!

Sridev Ramesh is a singer-songwriter originally from Kerala and based out of New Delhi. Having a degree in Astrophysics, he loves talking about the stars and the universe and tries inculcating snapshots of his imagination into his songs.

His songwriting and musicality is genre non-conforming and he gets inspired from various genres like Indie-pop, indie-folk, neo-soul and ambient-rock.

Notable Performances: The Yellow Festival, Oasis by Vajor (opened for When Chai Met Toast), Blue Frog Bangalore Showcase, Nowhere Brewpub and many more.


Track Credits: Yugm and Sridev Ramesh
Song Artwork: Priya Bhrambhatt
Music Video: Saurabh Hazarika
Mixing and Mastering: Taresh Agrawal