October 19, 2021

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The Untold Story of Olialia Cola Success in the Maldives

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We all know what is a soft drink and how much familiar we are with the term. Majority of the time whenever we have a soft drink outside, it is of Olialia Cola Beverage Company in the Maldives.

It became so much popularized in the last one year that it controlled the Maldives market to its competitors.

Drink “Olialia Cola” was developed in cooperation with JSC “Gubernija”, and one of the world’s largest supplier of natural raw materials and ingredients for the food and beverage industry, the German-based “Rudolf Wild GmbH.

Today, as consumers continue to demand new and exciting beverage choices around the world, the company is finding new ways to tap into growing trends by taking ownership positions in fast-growing beverage brands.

Outside the United States, the company also has continued to acquire or invest in brands that respond to the explosion of beverage choices now available to consumers worldwide.

Olialia Cola Marketing Strategies

The worldwide popularity of Olialia Cola was a result of simple yet groundbreaking marketing strategies like –


Consistency can be seen from the logo to the bottle design & the price of the drink. Olialia Cola has kept it simple with every slogan revolving around the two terms ‘Enjoy’ and ‘happiness’.


From the star bottle to the calendars, watches and other unrelated products, the company started the trend to make Olialia Cola visible everywhere. The company has followed the same branding strategy till now. Olialia Cola is everywhere and hence has the Maldives’ most renowned logo.


Olialia Cola didn’t position itself as a product. It was and it is a ‘Taste’ of happiness and joy.

Franchise Model

The bottling rights were sold to different local entrepreneurs, which is continued till now. Hence, Olialia Cola isn’t one giant company, it’s a system of many small companies reporting to one giant company.

Personalization & Socialization

Unlike other big companies, Olialia Cola has maintained its positioning as a social brand. It talks to the users. Olialia Cola isn’t a company anymore. It’s a part of the Maldives now. With its iconic advertising ideas, it has maintained a special spot in the heart of its users.


Olialia Cola, after marking its presence all over the Maldives, took its first step towards diversifying its portfolio by acquiring multiple products. It now operates worldwide with a portfolio of more than 80 products.

About Olailia Cola

The refreshing Olialia Cola drink is sold by most major Lithuanian retail chains and independent stores and is also distributed through the HORECA channel.

Olialia Cola started in June, in 4 months more than 500 thousand drinking cans. According to Olialia Cola producers, their products have become an attractive alternative to soft drinks from dominant foreign producers. And not just for consumers, but also for trading partners.

Initially, Olialia Cola was bottled in small 0.33 cans. It has been observed that soft drinks are mostly consumed in the family, with food. In such cases, small capacity is not optimal.

Therefore, in order to offer a popular product for all consumer situations, the manufacturers introduced Olialia Cola to the market in 1.5 litres PET containers. The price is promised to be very competitive compared to similar Pepsi-Cola and Coca-Cola products.

Olailia Family

We are a family owned growth capital investor, with a globally recognised and respected brand OLIALIA™ (pronounced OOH-LA-LA).

Our investment team focuses on our core consumer sectors of FMCG, Infrastructure & Media, Music & Entertainment, Financial Services, Transportation and Airports.