September 24, 2021

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Mundmaal Ganga Parikrama for Clean Ganga – Green Initiative

The Atulya Ganga Project
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The Atulya Ganga Project is a unique and unprecedented social initiative by army veterans which was launched with the sole aim of preserving Indian Rivers and their dependent eco-system in its entirety. 

As part of Atulya Ganga’s first mission, the team launched a Mundamaal Ganga Parikrama (MGP). MGP is a revival of an ancient Indian tradition in which you walk on foot clockwise, circumnavigating the length of Ganga covering both its banks.

The walk starts and ends at the same point and one is permitted to cross the Ganga only at the start of the walk and at the end – Ganga Sagar where it meets the ocean. 6000 km, 8 months long MGP is the most challenging adventure and physical activity and hence needs the most meticulous physical and mental preparation. This is the first-ever attempt at MGP by a bunch of hard-core adventure enthusiasts trained by Lt Gen SA Cruze, VSM** ( Retd), a leading international expert on sports training. 

With an integrated mission and slogan of Sabka Saath Ho, Ganga Saaf Ho the MGP team embarked on an arduous 8-month long and 6000km walkathon to spread awareness about clean rivers and the need to let them flow naturally. With the flag-off by the Her Excellency Smt Anandiben Patel, the Governor of UP, the MGP for clean Ganga began from Prayagraj on December 16, 2020. The Parikrama was also blessed by Sh Gajendra Shekhawat Ji, Minister of Water Resources, Sh Prahalad Patel Ji, Minister of Tourism and a special message by Sadhguru Jaggi Maharaj. 

The team is working towards synergising all efforts of the government, non-government organisations, corporate, volunteers and the common public – bring them to the common table – for rejuvenating Ganga.

The Parikrama can be divided into three distinct phases – Phase 1 – Prayagraj to Gangasagar – a walk of approximately 1500 km, covered in 51 Days, from 16 Dec 2020 – 04 Feb 2021. (Completed) Phase 2 – Gangasagar to Gomukh – a walk of approximately 3000+ km, covered in 105 Days, from 05 Feb 2021 – 21 May 2021. (Underway) Phase 3 – Gomukh to Prayagraj – a walk of approximately 1500+ km, covered in 81 Days, from 22 May 2021 to 10 Aug 2021. 

After 65 days and approximately 2000 km through the densely populated lands of Uttar Pradesh, mapping the fertile ecosystems of Bihar and immersing in the culturally rich West Bengal, the Parikrama team has entered the tribal Jharkhand. The walkers would reach the historic city of Patna, after covering an arduous 2500+ km – by 09-12 March 2021. and proceed to Varanasi – Rishikesh – Gomukh and culminate at Prayagraj by August 2021. 

Landmark U Turn at Gangasagar. The Atulya Ganga Parikrama reached Gangasagar on 04 February 2021- the first major landmark after completing 1500 km of walk – at the feet of Maa Ganga. This is where the Walkers crossed over from East Bank to West Bank on 05 February 2021. On the way upstream on the western bank – they have now reached Jharkhand.