September 24, 2021

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Turkey and Italy Clashed Head to Head – Euro 2020

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Hiranmayee R
Hiranmayee R

Freelancer Sports Columnist

It was a fairly one-sided game as Turkey and Italy clashed head to head on Saturday.

The first few minutes of play saw Turkey have possession, possibly one of the few times they were able to do so. From the 7th minute, it was Italy all over.

For the rest of the first half, they were taking shots at the Turkish goalkeeper- literally! But, most of these ended up going over the post, and hence, the score at halftime was 0-0.

Once play resumed, however, Italy got drastically better with their aiming and suddenly, all 11 of the Turkish players were defending their half, the ball rarely going the other side. Turkey got possession for a few minutes, but they couldn’t make much use of it, and the ball went rolling back to Italy.

Now, as I mentioned, the shots were on target, and Italy got the fruit of their hard work – their first goal came in the 52nd minute. The goal was a result of a defensive error.

Domenico Berardi pounded a low cross with so much power, the ball deflected off Demiral into the post. It wasn’t anyone’s fault, really, and the situation got worse for Turkey after their own goal. Italy, now with a lead, we’re pumped up. And soon came the second goal, this time by Immobile.

Uğrucan had pushed off the ball earlier from a shot aimed at the post, but the ball went to Immobile who fired the loose ball past him. The last goal, though was the best – a clean, finish past the goalie’s hand into the post. It was perfect in all ways, and it sealed the match in Italy’s favour.

The last few minutes then became a formality, and then the final whistle blew, leaving Italy in happiness and Turkey in despair.

Italy, right from the start, had their possession, unlike Turkey, who lost control after every few minutes. The Italian defence and goalkeeper had little to do, as compared to their Turkish counterparts. But, in my view, if we had to applaud and congratulate a player, it has to be Uğrucan, who got countless shots aimed in his way, and it is only human to let a few slip.

Turkey put on a dismal show, but they can get solace from their goalie’s sensational performance.