Jayasudha’s New Husband: Is She Married for the Third Time?

Jayasudha's New Husband Is She Married for the Third Time

Jayasudha is one of the South Indian actresses who has been in most movies. During her long career, Jayasudha was the main actress in a lot of big hits. She has played supporting roles for the past twenty years.

She was in the movie Vaarasudu not long ago. Several rumors have been going around in the last few days about Jayasudha’s third marriage.

Jayasudha has been going to different events with an American citizen. He was also seen with her at the event before Vaarasudu came out. After seeing him spend a lot of time with her, the media said that they secretly got married. In a recent interview, Jayasudha was asked about the same thing, and she flatly denied all of the rumors.

Jayasudha told him that she is not married to him. She said that he makes movies and is making a movie about her life.

Jayasudha said that an American director looked into her life on the Internet and decided to make a movie about it. Now, he keeps a close eye on her life to learn more about it. So, Jayasudha put an end to all the rumors.

Jayasudha had already been married twice. In the past, she was married to Kakarlapudi Rajendra Prasad. But a few years after they got married, they broke up. She later got married to Nitin Kapoor, a producer in Bollywood. In 2017, he passed away.

Jayasudha’s New Husband: The news about Jayasudha’s personal life is a hot topic in the industry right now. She recently made a movie called Varasudu (Varisu in Tamil), which was well-received by the public. Is she again married?

The news came out of nowhere. After this, Jayasudha’s wedding became a topic of conversation. Details. Jayasudha has been looking good with a man as of late. Which show is Jayasudha going to with him as a couple? Who is that person that Jayasudha is with? Netizens want to know.

The person with Jayasudha is known to be a wealthy businessman. She married him a third time in secret. There are rumors in the movie business. But Jayasudha has been to the United States before.

She stayed in America for a while after taking a break from movies. At the same time, some people say Jayasudha married him. And until Jayasudha responds to this news, we won’t know if it’s true or not.

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