“MeatEater” Season 11 Release Date: is It Renewed or Cancelled?

MeatEater Season 11 Release Date is It Renewed or Cancelled

The title ‘MeatEater’ is not for the faint of heart. The hunting reality show depicts living in the bush and the difficulty of surviving in severe surroundings.

This is a Netflix show that is a favorite of all outdoor enthusiasts, and many people find it fascinating because the viewers are brought through a full hunting process.

The hunter’s frenzied pursuit has us wondering if he will ever catch the prey. “MeatEater” founder Phil Alden Robinson has taken over.

King Size Productions, CBS Television Studios, Scott Free Productions, Michelle King, and Robert King are the producers. The show’s star is Steven Rinella, the famed hunter; there is more risk than you might imagine.

The series has been running the longest and has a 7.7 out of 10 IMDb rating. As a result, the “MeatEater’s” popularity cannot be denied.

However, it has been too long, and supporters are still waiting for an update on “MeatEater” season 11. So, has the show been renewed recently? What is the show’s current status? Everything will be revealed to us soon.

“MeatEater” Will Be Renewed?

“MeatEater” initially aired on Sportsman Channel on January 1st, 2012. It went through six rounds before Netflix chose to pick it up and continue with the seventh season. The entire series is available on Netflix. Previous seasons of the OTT platform are also available.

Returning to the point, “MeatEater” will premiere its tenth season on September 29th, 2021. The first five episodes were released on the same day, allowing fans to binge-watch them.

The creators, however, chose to take a long vacation before releasing the next five episodes. Thus, the final five episodes of “MeatEater” season 10 were released on February 2, 2022, making it ten. Each episode ranges in length from 26 to 32 minutes.

"MeatEater" Season 11 Release Date: is It Renewed or Cancelled?
“MeatEater” Season 11

Given this, many are already doubting the “MeatEater” season 11 updates. Is it being renewed because fans can’t contain their excitement any longer? The makers have not renewed the show or provided any updates, yet it has also not been canceled.

It is currently being reviewed, and perhaps there will be good news on renewal by the end of the day.

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When Will “MeatEater” Season 11 Be Released?

We are unable to confirm the release date of “MeatEater” season 11 because confirmation from the showrunners is still waiting. The series has a good reputation, and we know that given its popularity, the odds of it being renewed are stronger than ever.

But, until we have formal confirmation, all we can do is wait. If everything goes well, the show may return only in 2023. Who can say?

Name: MeatEater
Start Time: TBA ET
TV Channel: Netflix
Season: Season 11
Release Date: PENDING
Genres: Documentary
Episode Runtime: Approx. 21 minutes
Parental Rating: TV-14
Region: United States

“MeatEater” Season 11: What’s It About? Cast and Plot!

The show’s main character is world-famous hunter Steven Rinella. Rinella has a lifestyle brand called “MeatEater,” which is rapidly gaining popularity. Aside from that, Steven is the show’s host and considers himself an outdoorsman, conservationist, and writer.

In season 11 of “MeatEater,” he will resume his normal pursuit of killing animals in risky and life-threatening situations. He walks viewers through the tracking process and guides them through the full voyage. Many viewers find it educational, and the success of hunting helps to stimulate their interest.

In fact, “MeatEater” season 11 will continue the hunting saga as usual, with new thrills and places on the way. You can view the Top 10 Grossing Movies of All Time as well as other box-office record-breakers.

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Who Will Appear in “MeatEater” Season 11?

Steven will host the probable “MeatEater” season 11, but we will also see Ryan Callaghan and Clay Newcomb. In addition, as in previous seasons, “MeatEater” Season 11 will feature guests.

Last season’s cast included spearfishing expert and chef Kimi Werner, biologist Robert Abernethy, Jeremy Romero, caller Jason Phelps, and many more.

Season 11 of “MeatEater” will once again welcome such nature aficionados, and we can’t wait to see what the following season has in store for us.


Season 11 of “MeatEater” is a one-of-a-kind show; many people oppose hunting. However, many people appreciate the adrenaline rush that comes with hunting, therefore “MeatEater” season 11 will cater to such viewers.

If you are one among them, we are confident that the news of the “MeatEater” season 11 renewal will delight you to the core.

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