Rakhi Sawant Arrested In Mumbai, Sherlyn Chopra Thank you to the Amboli police

Rakhi Sawant Arrested In Mumbai, Sherlyn Chopra Thank you to the Amboli police

Rakhi Sawant has been arrested by Mumbai Police in response to a complaint from Sherlyn Chopra. Know the specifics.

Today, Rakhi Sawant, the queen of controversy, was detained by the Mumbai Police. The arrest was made in response to Sherlyn Chopra’s complaint, in which she accused Rakhi Sawant of distributing her indecent recordings and images and made sexual remarks about her.

A few weeks ago, Rakhi displayed Sherlyn Chopra’s private recordings to the paparazzi while referring to her as a “pornstar,” prompting the filing of a formal complaint.

Rakhi Sawant was transported to the Amboli Police Station for questioning, and she will now be taken before the Andheri court.

According to PTI, Rakhi Sawant has been charged with sexual harassment under IPC Sections 354A (unwanted physical contact and advances or a demand or request for sexual favours showing pornography), 509 (word, gesture, or act meant to insult the modesty of a woman), 504 (insult meant to cause a breach of peace), and the Information Technology Act.

Sherlyn Chopra spoke to the media and said, “I filed a complaint against her on November 8. I want to thank the Amboli police for arresting Rakhi Sawant.

By doing so, they showed that the law treats everyone the same, whether they are famous or not. Rakhi Sawant used to call the media and show videos and pictures of me when I was naked. She said rude things about me. She said that I was arrested at a resort in Alibaug because I was in a bad way.

When Amboli police talked to Alibaug police, they found out that no such case had happened. Why do women like Rakhi Sawant say hurtful things about other women? The law says that you can’t post pictures of women without clothes on public sites.”

Sherlyn said that she is working to stop people from being sexually harassed. Sherlyn said, “Every time I say something negative about Sajid Khan and Raj Kundra, she jumps in and defends them.”

Sherlyn told Rakhi Sawant that she had nothing to do with her.

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