“The Forbidden Marriage” Episode 10: Release Date & How to Watch

"The Forbidden Marriage" Episode 10: Release Date & How to Watch

The tenth episode of “The Forbidden Marriage” has arrived, and fans around the world are excited to learn what awaits their favorite characters. With its compelling storyline, outstanding cast, and immersive characters, this popular television series has caught viewers’ attention.

Fans are already guessing about what might happen next and what might be revealed in this episode. This blog post will provide an in-depth analysis of Episode 10 of “The Forbidden Marriage,” as well as other information.

This is a helpful resource for the eleventh episode of “The Forbidden Marriage,” from the female lead striving to shape her own fate to the male information suffering with his own family secrets!

The Forbidden Marriage: Season 1 Review Details

The current Joseon monarch is Lee Heon. He lost his loving wife seven years ago when he was still a crown prince. He hasn’t recovered from the fact that she died. Even after seven years of attempts, the royal family and administration have failed to persuade King Lee Heon to remarry.

Furthermore, the country has passed the Geumhonryung decree, which prohibits any unmarried woman from marrying while the monarch is still unmarried. Dissatisfaction has been raised with the plan to limit marriage.

Following his wife’s death, King Lee Heon learns of a woman named Ye So Rang who claims the soul of the king’s late wife haunts the palace. Meanwhile, Ye So Rang is a scam man who claims to be able to read marital harmony signs.

A cop, Lee Shin Won, assists in her arrest and places her in jail. The king summons her in front of him and urges her to clarify whether she is seeing the apparition of his late wife.

To prolong her own life, Ye So Rang lies to herself and others about being the king’s deceased wife. As time passes, Ye So Rang’s deceptions become more elaborate and daring.

The Forbidden Marriage Episode 10: When Will It Be Released?

On Saturday, January 14, 2023, the tenth episode of The Forbidden Marriage will premiere. MBC will premiere Episode 14 of The Forbidden Marriage at 9:50 PM KST. Fans of The Forbidden Marriage from different nations can compare the times listed below to view Episode 10:

  • 12.50 p.m., British Summer Time (January 14)
  • 6.20 p.m. Indian Standard Time (January 14)
  • 8.50 p.m., Philippine Standard Time (January 14)
  • 11.50 p.m. Eastern Standard Time in Australia (January 14)

Where to Watch the Forbidden Marriage Episode 10

The Forbidden Marriage Episode 10 will debut on the MBC channel at approximately 9:50 in Korea. For those who wish to watch The Forbidden Marriage Season 10 Episode 10 as it airs in their location.

At the mentioned hours and dates, it will be available on Kocowa, Roku premium streamer, and Rakuten Viki, three of the most popular streaming services. Their membership includes the $4.9 regular Viki bundle. Enjoy your flow!


The journey through The Forbidden Marriage has been exciting and full of drama, action, and romance. In episode 10, the conflicts between the two families get worse, and a fierce rivalry starts to grow.

The cast and characters have made the show seem real, which has kept people interested. As the end of the season draws near, it’s clear that things between the two families will only get worse. Since the next episode will be the last, we’ll finally find out how the story ends, and it’s sure to be a wild ride.

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