The Night Manager Series Trailer out featuring Anil Kapoor, Watch Out Trailer

The Night Manager Series Trailer out featuring Anil Kapoor, Watch Out Trailer

The trailer for The Night Manager, which stars Anil Kapoor and Aditya Roy Kapur, is now out. The show is going to be the Indian version of a British show with the same name. The first episode of the series will air on Disney+Hotstar on February 17, 2023.

The Night Manager Trailer Explanation

The trailer starts in a snowy hilly area where Aditya Roy Kapur’s character, Shaan Sengupta, is the night manager of a resort. He is hired by a secret anti-terrorist group to stop Shalindra Rugtha, also known as “Shelly,” who sells weapons and likes to start wars between countries.

One day, local gangs attacked his family and friends. Shaan helped them free Shelly’s son and won Shelly’s trust. He later becomes Shelly’s right hand and helps him run his business. But someone in Shelly’s group starts to think that Shaan might not be what he seems to be.

The scene changes when Shaan gets involved with Shelly’s wife and work, and the head who hired Shaan as a secret cover to catch Shelly starts to think something is wrong. Will Shaan take over Shelly’s business or catch the arms dealer that the anti-terrorist group wants the most? On February 17, 2023, you can watch the show on Disney+Hotstar.

There is a lot of excitement, adventure, and suspense in the series. The show promises to blow people’s minds, which will hopefully make up for the British show.

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