According to Japanese Fans, These Are the Top Ten Strongest One Piece Characters

According to Japanese Fans, These Are the Top Ten Strongest One Piece Characters

One Piece is well-known among Japanese anime lovers. For more than two decades, this renowned brand has been a part of their life, joining them through their best and worst moments.

Because the series has had such a profound impact on their life, they are eager to participate in any kind of dynamic involving the property.

For example, a few months back, Japanese One Piece fans voted for the most powerful character on the largest dating site in Japan, Goo Rankings.

While certain people were always expected to be included in such a list, others were absolutely shocked. This list will go through the ten most powerful characters in the eyes of the Japanese population.

These are the characters regarded as the most powerful by Japanese One Piece fans.

10) Monkey D. Dragon

Monkey D. Dragon:

Despite the fact that the franchise has already entered its last epic, Luffy’s father remains one of the franchise’s major mysteries. According to the World Government, he is not only the leader of the Revolutionary Army but also the most dangerous man on the planet.

While we haven’t seen him in any important confrontations in the series, the fandom regards Dragon as a formidable and powerful warrior. Dragon’s true power will most likely be revealed during the Egghead Island Arc, which has recently begun in the manga series.

9) Marshall D. Teach

Marshall D. Teach:

Marshall grew up to be one of the franchise’s worst villains after being rescued as a simple orphan by Whitebeard. His desire for power drove him to betray the guy who had taken him in when he was lonely and terrified. The Blackbeard Pirates were formed after Blackbeard joined forces with the deadliest criminals in the world of One Piece.

Blackbeard is without a doubt one of the series’ most cruel and evil characters. Unfortunately, he is also one of the strong, as he possesses two Devil Fruit power sets. Marshall is expected to be the series’ last adversary, battling the Straw Hat Crew on their path to Laugh Tale.

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8) Silvers Rayleigh

Silvers Rayleigh:

Rayleigh, also known as the Dark King, is well-known for being the King of Pirates’ right-hand man. Although the formidable pirate has retired, he remains one of the series’ best fighters. He is a skilled swordsman with the strength to take on daunting opponents like Kizaru.

He is also an expert in all sorts of Haki control, having taught Luffy everything he knows about this energy. Despite his elderly age, he is still a powerful and respected pirate whom even the Admirals fear.

7) Rocks D. Xebec

Rocks D. Xebec:

Little is known about the dreadful and wicked Rocks D. Xebec. Before the golden age of pirates, Xebec was regarded as the sea’s ruler. Rocks amassed one of the most formidable crews in existence because of several Davy Back Fight games.

Legends such as Whitebeard, Kaido, and Big Mom were among his crew members. The World Government was afraid of this formidable guy, who was only vanquished thanks to Garp and Roger’s combined efforts.

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6) Monkey D. Garp

Monkey D. Garp:

Garp, in addition to being Dragon’s father and Luffy’s grandfather, is regarded as the Marines’ Hero. Garp was one of the few fighters in One Piece who faced Xebec without fear of death during his reign of terror.

Later in life, he became a father figure to Luffy, Ace, and Sabo, preparing them to be powerful Marines. Garp, despite his advanced age, is still one of the most formidable Marines in existence.

5) Dracule Mihawk

Dracule Mihawk:

Mihawk, a former Warlord of the Sea and the strongest swordsman in the world of One Piece, is regarded as one of the series’ most talented combatants, despite the fact that he lacks Devil Fruit strength.

Mihawk stunned everyone when he first appeared by defeating Zoro in a matter of seconds. Dracula’s skills grew stronger as the series went on. Mihawk is one of the most wanted Pirates in the world at this time in the story, with a bounty larger than those of Luffy, Kid, and Law.

4) Edward Newgate

Edward Newgate:

During the golden age of piracy, two strong pirates, Roger and Whitebeard, ruled the sea. Although Edward was not as well-known as the King of Pirates, he was no less powerful. He not only possessed one of the most powerful Devil Fruits ever, but he also possessed superhuman endurance.

Edward treated his crew as if they were his own family, and he treated them as such. Unfortunately, it was his strong affection for his men that caused his sad death during One Piece’s Marineford War Arc. Nonetheless, despite being sliced and stabbed, Whitebeard managed to survive Akainu’s strikes until the very end.

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3) Kaido


For many years, Kaido was thought to be the most powerful being in the One Piece universe. He was not only one of the Emperors of the Sea but also the ruler of Wano. Nobody in the country dared to challenge him because he was infamous for murdering his opponents with a single hit.

The man possessed superhuman resilience, rendering him immune to most attacks. He also possessed the Uo-Uo no Mi, Model Seiryu, which allowed him to turn into a gigantic blue dragon.

2) Shanks


Shanks initially astonished fans by saving Luffy from a Sea Monster with a simple look, but since then, the red-haired guy has become one of the franchise’s most beloved and intriguing characters.

Shanks may not have the power of a Devil Fruit, but he doesn’t need it because he rose to the level of Emperor of the Sea solely by his abilities and strength.

Shanks is not only a skilled swordsman despite the fact that he lacks one arm, but he is also the most powerful Conqueror Haki user we’ve seen. Even the Admirals are terrified of this frightening but nice man’s might.

1) Roger, Gol D.

Roger, Gol D.:

Only one person in One Piece history has held the title of King of the Pirates: Gol D. Roger. This exceptional being was one of the most powerful beings in the world, with strength only rivaled by Whitebeard. Many believe Roger was undefeated during his heyday.

He was one of the first to arrive on the enigmatic island of Laugh Tale, where he concealed his treasure, the iconic One Piece. He later inspired a new generation of pirates to explore the world in search of freedom. He accomplished all of this without the need for Devil Fruit abilities, which is astounding.

Last words

Without a question, the world of One Piece contains some of the most powerful characters in the world. This is well-known among fans all across the world.

However, it appears that not every country believes the same thing about who the strongest people are. Many overseas fans are perplexed by Luffy’s absence from the Goo Rankings list, given that he is one of the most powerful pirates.

Nonetheless, every one of the personalities chosen for the list is equally deserving of their place. They are all extremely powerful, skillful, and recognizable to One Piece fans. Perhaps in the future, new figures will join the ranks of the series’ most powerful personalities.

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