Who is Isabel Lucas Dating? All About Her Boyfriend & Exes

Who is Isabel Lucas Dating? All About Her Boyfriend & Exes

Many Australian actors have found success in Hollywood. Isabel Lucas, star of Home and Away and Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, is a well-known Australian actress.

Those two films barely do justice to Isabel Lucas’ illustrious career in show business. But that’s not why we’re here, and we’re sure it’s not why you came here in the first place.

Isabel received a lot of attention from her fans and A-lister guys while she was out and about in the acting and modelling business. Here are all of the men who have been linked to her.

Is Isabel Lucas Dating Anyone in 2022?

It goes without saying that celebrities enjoy dating their friends. Isabel Lucas went through a similar phase, but it appears she became weary of it.

Isabel kept her love life private after parting from her ex-musician-lover Angus Stone in 2012. However, some members of the media and paparazzi are far too skilled at their jobs.

In Hollywood, many Australian performers have found success. Isabel Lucas is a well-known Australian actress who has been in Home and Away and Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.

Isabel Lucas’ brilliant career in show business is scarcely represented by those two films. But that’s not why we’re here, and we’re confident it’s not why you’re here.

While she was out and about in the acting and modelling world, Isabel received a lot of attention from her admirers and A-lister guys. Here’s a list of all the men who have been linked to her.

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Isabel Lucas and Angus Stone’s Breakup Devastated Everyone

Let’s look at Isabel’s most recent relationship with some prominent people. As previously stated, Isabel Lucas and Angus Stone divorced in 2012. From November 2010 through April 2012, the two were together.

Everyone used to love Angus and Isabel because they were both vegans and environmentalists who encouraged a healthy lifestyle. They appeared to be a pair eager to go through thick and thin with each other.

Not only that, but even after their breakup, Angus had nothing but positive things to say about Isabel.

The breakup occurred in April 2012, just two weeks after Angus released his second solo track, “Bird on the Buffalo,” for which Isabel participated in the music video.

Of course, a two-year relationship, no matter how discreet, will have a significant impact on the lives of both sides. Isabel and Adam experienced the same thing.

When the paparazzi photographed Isabel following the divorce, she appeared thin, as if she was struggling to recuperate from the agony.

According to the Daily Mail, “the star of The Pacific was seen out in Los Angeles today and appeared startlingly skinny, even by the standards of her usually slender physique.”

It wasn’t the only indication that the split had been difficult for her. We can see that after Angus Cloud, the news of Isabel Lucas dating a man died away completely.

Isabel was first seen out and about with another man four years after Angus. We hope Isabel Lucas will be in a relationship again soon and find a man who will treat her correctly.

Adrian Grenier’s Brief Relationship

Isabel previously had a renowned romance with The Devil Wears Prada and Entourage star Adrian Grenier. The two were together from March to August of 2008.

However, this partnership was quite contentious. According to rumours, Isabel’s affair with Shia LaBeouf was the primary reason for their breakup. We can’t blame the media for spreading that information because all of the evidence made sense.

Isabel’s divorce came on the heels of her vehicle accident while driving with her Transformer co-star. Not only that, but Shia had acknowledged that he and Isabel had slept together during filming.


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Of course, Adrian and Isabel remained silent about the entire incident, as she always does. They let the public and the media speculate on why their relationship terminated.

Even Nevertheless, when it came to Isabel and Adrian’s divorce, her romance with Shia LaBeouf was the one that everyone kept bringing up.

Was It a Real Relationship After Three Years With Chris Hemsworth?

Her name was linked to Thor star Chris Hemsworth in 2005, and we don’t need to explain who he is, do we?

From 2005 through 2008, Chris Hemsworth and Isabel Lucas were married. Isabel trashed the news of her romance with Chris, but she couldn’t deny the heat that ignited between them.

Chris and Isabel’s split made headlines almost as much as their relationship did. Many people were perplexed as to why they decided to split up, but they insisted that there was no ill blood between them.

Although the two kept silent, many in the media concluded their split was due to the enormous distance and their ever-increasing schedule.

It’s logical given that both of those Australian performers were at the pinnacle of their careers at the time.

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Isabel Lucas Rumors Among a-list Celebs

Although Isabel Lucas dislikes discussing her love life, the media can’t seem to keep her name out of the news.

Although the three guys named above are her only official partnerships, there are several names that have been reported and linked to her. And the list we’re going to give you is chock-full of stunning stars and dashing dudes.

Jared Leto, Joel Edgerton, Shia LaBeouf, and Jake Gyllenhaal are among them. If you don’t know who those men are, it’s impossible.

Isabel has been linked to Jake Gyllenhaal of Nightcrawler and Donnie Darko. Back in 2010, the two were spotted “all snuggled up” and getting cosy in Montreal.

Not long before that, in March 2009, she was thought to be dating Jared Leto. They were said to have hooked up once, but their relationship never progressed beyond that.

Her rumoured romance with Joel Edgerton occurred the same year. They spent a lot of time together because they were in the Australian drama The Waiting City. What’s more, the entire filming procedure took place in India.

We now understand why they couldn’t be separated. But, like her rumour about Jared Leto, it dissipated as swiftly as it began.

And now we get to her most contentious rumour. It was with Shia LaBeouf, with whom Isabel was in a car accident.

Shia LaBeouf and Isabel Lucas co-starred in Transformers, and Shia admitted that he hooked up with Isabel while filming.

Her friendship with Shia was also thought to play a major influence in her breakup with Adrian Grenier.

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